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We have implemented our solution in an accounting company that provides audit, legal, consulting, and accounting services. Our task was to implement a solution that allowed workflow activities, organization documents, and work inside and outside the company. Thanks to a well-chosen accounting process, work in this industry will be much easier and more organized.

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The software must be efficient enough to handle dozens of databases, companies from diversified business fields – from trade to production. The requirement was also the stability and reliability of the system, ensuring data security and precision of the accounting documents. The nature of the services provided by this company is associated with generating an of documents. In order to facilitate the work, it was necessary to plan effective document management.


ERP software facilitates the management of business processes. We implemented selected system modules, which we developed with new elements. Our software keeps up with the needs of a rapidly growing company. To better organize their work with many customers and optimize internal procedures this company decided to implement a workflow software.

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organized documents

Organized documents 

The document workflow system gives you the ability to control multiple documents. They can be assigned to customers, being searched by different criteria. The documents are marked with barcodes. A paper document goes on a shelf, and the electronic form circulates in the system. This way of working enables the fast distribution of the documents to people who work with them. It’s also easier to search an electronic repository than a paper binder You can quickly find a hard copy of your documents as the system also stores information about the physical location of the document. Conversely – removal the barcode lets you find the document in the electronic system, along with the entire history of the circuit and work.

Ensuring the security of the information

The transmission of documents to clients is performed remotely with an offline solution. Some customers require that the documents have to be stored on their servers. With offline, they can work with documents locally, and their hipping to central done one demand. It meets the required level of safety consistent with the policy o each client while ensuring the high speed of information transfer.
Automation of repetitive processes-

Automation of repetitive processes

Workflow and other tools for internal processes were built based on the workflow engine. One of them is automatic recurring invoices. The fee for part of the services provided by our client is a fixed monthly cost. Therefore every month the same invoices are generated periodically based on the contract. At the moment, the documents are being created automatically according to defined conditions. This is a big-time saver because instead of a human work t can successfully be a performer by the system.

Fast risk assessment

The implemented system was built about internal security procedures One of them is a risk assessment of cooperation with the customer. There are complex mechanisms defined in the system that allow such an assessment before starting cooperation. The system collects the data needed for risk analysis. Collection of the required data-id rigidly specified. Thank to this tool, even inexperienced employees can perform tasks by the applicable standards.
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effecients ettlement delegation

Efficient settlement delegation

Workflow is also used to assist the delegation. The company applies a complex system of their settlements. Implemented tools are so flexible that it was possible to implement sophisticated forms o delegation, receipts, and calculations. The created tool does not require a change in the policy of settlement of the delegation and, vice versa, has become a support for these multi-faceted processes.