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Intense is an IT platform designed to help you with project and budget management, alongside creating plans and reporting. It enables you to work smarter on an operational and strategic level.

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Intense Enterprise Service Bus

Intense ESB

The Enterprise Service Bus ensures a continuous and fully automated data flow between systems operating in your company. The common interface allows for fast connections of selected data sources or applications (WMS, ERP solutions, manufacturing software, etc.). These connections mean that even the most diverse programs start to operate as one common IT system. The scope of information exchanged is fully definable.

Intense BPM

The Business Process Management  is more than a traditional document workflow. In addition to standard functions such as scanning, registration, cost calculation, flow and archiving of documents, the program also provides workflow support and legible reports from processed information. With this advantage, you will optimize all the business processes in your company, including the tasks and duties of employees.

Intense document management system

Intense PM

Flexible Project Management system ensures full business process support from the start of the project to its completion. It supports registration and workflow, building an archive of documents and automatically assigning data to the project tree. The system is capable of calculating estimated costs and creating budgets and action schedules based on them. It provides full support and control over every stage of work on the project.

Intense BI

The Business Intelligence module is a tool that allows you to create a variety of analyses and reports. This solution improves effective monitoring and analysis of business results from different areas of your business, taking into account multiple data from different sources. By automatically generating reports, you can stay on top of your results and optimize costs.

data analysis tool

What do you gain by choosing Intense International solutions:


Implementation up to 3 months from
signing the contract


Competitive prices
for a world-class system


and intuitive system interface


post-implementation support

Intense international

How do we work?

Intense International is a supplier of advanced IT solutions for companies seeking to establish a modernized approach to conducting operations. We are providing high-class IT solutions for the efficient integration of all kinds of software. We are also a supplier of systems for controlling, process and project management. Our solutions can operate modularly or combine into one platform that supports almost all business processes. It operates both on the web and mobile.

We create and develop our products based on the analysis of the customers’ real needs. Intense International’s software is user-friendly, as well as to meet high market requirements. We remain focused on the challenge of staying competitive in the ever-changing world of IT software and are committed to advancing the innovation of our new and existing products for the benefit of ourselves and our customers.

In Intense International, we work closely with companies of a variety of industries, developing processes perfectly suited to their activities. For enterprises conducting business in multiple sectors, we provide flexible software with necessary and effective tools. We can adapt our solutions to thrive in whatever environment chosen for implementation.


They trusted us:

“Holding 1 has implemented a comprehensive analytical system based on the integrated INTENSE Platform from the INTENSE GROUP manufacturer from Kraków. The solution includes the creation of a multi-source Data Warehouse, collecting, processing and integrating data from several databases of financial and accounting, personnel and payroll, intranet, sale and CRM systems operating in the Group’s companies. (…)

Data Warehouse, along with several dedicated analytical areas, constitutes one unified base of operational and strategic reporting as well as controlling, made available in the form of reports in the INTENSE system for several hundred people from medium- and high-level management staff.

As a coordinator of the project, I recommend the company as a professional and reliable business partner.”

HOLDING 1 S.A. Sp. k.
Jacek Dogrosz, Vice President of the General Partner Management Board

“Servicing of the budgets, multi-version plans and internal changes ensures that we control projects in financial and operational aspects. On the basis of information entered into the system, various types of reports are generated, which ensure financial and operational controlling of investments. It is also very important that Intense Platform operates in a multi-company structure, which allows us to efficiently manage individual companies included in the group. (…)

Considering the wide functional scope of the Platform, as well as its modifiability, we can recommend both Intense Platform and its manufacturer – Intense.”

PFI Global
Marzanna Adamska, Vice President of the Board

“An indispensable element of our installation is the mobile / www interface, thanks to which we have access to resources recorded in the Platform from the level of smartphones and other mobile devices. We do not have to be afraid of restrictions in the form of the need to access the computer to be able to react to new documents or new tasks that will appear in the Platform. The result is a significant acceleration of our activities.

INTENSE Platform is a very extensive system that provides extensive possibilities for individual configurations and defining own processes and documents. In addition, the manufacturer of the said software – INTENSE Group – has a highly qualified staff that provides us with Technical Assistance services. Thanks to this, we can gradually develop our installation with further areas supporting the management of such an extensive organization as the CCC Group.”

CCC Group
Marcin Czyczerski

Industries that use our software:



Control of production costs, budgeting schemes, time schedules, reporting combined with change and risk management. Automate specific processes, minimize downtime and be aware of any delays in production with personalized alerts and notifications.



Management of multiple projects, document flows, budgets, schedules, along with assets and support for materials transport. Oversee multiple tenders to review their stages and progress while communicating directly with subcontractors and customers.



Analytics for costs, resources, marketing campaigns, customer relations along with control of agreements and invoicing. Consolidate data from multiple sources and generate reports for sales and imports.



Calculation functions for sales, margins, budgets, promotions or discounts with multi-dimensional reporting. Integrate with additional systems for couriers, shipments, data storage, along with support for complaints and debt recovery.

What do you gain by choosing Intense International solutions:


Consultation with the customer and gathering information on the needs and requirements.


Pre-implementation analysis and creation of an action plan based on it.


If it’s required, supplementation the system with software add-ons tailored to your needs.


Implementation of the system and training in its operation.


Post-implementation support and constant development of the system to meet the needs of your company.

Take a look at the Intense International software:

About us

Intense International emerged from two IT companies collaboration – Intense Group and Kotrak. Our goal is to provide comprehensive services and a high standard implementation.

We gained experience implementing modern solutions in the local and international markets with great success in various industries.

We approach our clients individually, offering solutions for teamwork optimization, business development and company management and advice on how to improve processes and deliver IT systems that support the operation of your business.

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