Intense Project Management System

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Intense Project Management

Does your company work on a project basis?

Meet Intense Project Management – a system designed for comprehensive project management. With it, you will handle processes from the moment of project initiation to its closure, taking into account information on all financial settlements.

The key features of Intense Project Management:


off- and online work


planning and cost estimation


registration of working time


dynamic budget control


full integration with other systems


multi-company module


multidimensional data analysis and reporting


alerting and monitoring key indicators (budget, deadlines, KPI etc.)


advanced project control and monitoring based on various methodologies


work and document flow inside the company and with subcontractors

A system for managing IT, production, construction
and real estate projects

Intense Project Management is a solution dedicated to companies operating in projects. Means addition to comprehensive support for all processes, the system meets the specialized requirements of project managers’ work, ensuring control of the tasks carried out – from project registration through the creation and sending of related documents and information, ongoing expenditure control and data and results analysis.

system for production
Project management

Intense Project Management has an alert function that informs you about all pivotal events for the project. For example, the possibility of exceeding the budget or approaching its percentage ceiling, upcoming important deadlines or the obligation to perform a given activity so that the task could move to the next stage of implementation.

Industries in which Intense Project Management proves successful:






real estate




IT company

Budgeting, Control and Analysis

For financial control and security of storage and processing of your company’s data, Intense PM has a dedicated BI module with a controlling function. It is an advanced tool that offers control over the project workflow, documents and finances. It ensures security in terms of activities and stored data, to which only appropriately authorized users to have access, and at various levels.

bi module

Based on the algorithm’s assumptions and estimates, the system’s construction allows for creation (online and offline):


various types of plans (including capacity, time, activities, etc.


Pre-implementation analysis and creation of an action plan based on it.

Thanks to the possibility of building multi-level budgets, the system enables the management of all projects in the company.
Intense PM has also a Business Intelligence module. With it, you can create comprehensive and tailored analyzes and reports.

PM Interface

Intuitive work

The clear and readable Intense Project Management interface for project management has been designed with comfort and speed in mind. A specially created Manager Panel collects all information about employees’ tasks and project documents in one place. It also gives the ability to adjust to your needs the window structures layout, project trees, personalized graphics and data search options – providing operators with quick learning on how to use the system and work effectively with the program.

Security and confidentiality of information

The program offers multi-level access rights management to various functions, business processes, documents, personal data, form fields and other definable objects. As a result, the program effectively protects important information – one of the company’s most valuable assets.

safe system
integration system

Easy integration with other systems

Intense Project Management fully integrates with other systems thanks to the Enterprise Service Bus module. It allows for efficient data exchange with financial and accounting systems and other IT solutions. This option helps automate some of the processes in your company and supports increasing the efficiency of activities and shortening the time of performing specific works.


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