Who can use Intense systems?

The Intense system allows you to optimize activities in enterprises from various industries. Are you wondering if the implementation of this solution will work in your business? See in which situations using the application will improve team management. It may turn out that this is exactly what you are looking for!


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When is it worth implementing Intense systems?

The tasks that are primarily supported by the Intense application are:

  • document workflow,
  • management and automation of business activities,
  • budgeting or project activities,
  • system and data integration,
  • accounting, controlling,
  • creating analyzes and reports.

These types of amenities work best in large and medium-sized enterprises. It is worth considering their implementation, especially when working remotely. They allow you to run a business in all conditions and optimize the time of performing tasks. By using this solution, you have access to information anywhere, anytime. Additionally, you can assign access to information to specific employees, which allows you to stay safe.

Remote document flow ensures the unification of information, order in documents and accelerates closing sentences in individual projects. It is worth checking at which moments and in which departments the time of performing tasks is the longest. Monitoring the flow of information will allow the introduction of changes and improvements, leading to optimization of work and budgets.

If your company has a problem with organizing tasks or you have temporary staff shortages, it may be easier to automate certain activities. Entering formulas in the application is simple and intuitive. You implement them once and they improve processes in the company in the long term. You can also enter alerts and notifications that will remind employees of, for example:

• deadlines for sending documents,
• approval of documents (e.g. vacation requests),
• acceptance of individual stages of the project,
• cyclical performance of analyzes and reports,
• performing project summaries or settlements.


In which industries the Intense solution is suitable?

Depending on the industry in which you operate, you can use other application modules. They allow improving the work of wholesalers, warehouses, and administration. It is a flexible business management solution that you can adapt to your needs. You influence what the document receipt forms look like, how the permissions to make changes are assigned, what the report templates look like, and which systems are integrated. The program has many functions and can be integrated with many external systems.

management software

Examples of industries in which the Intense system is often used

Construction and development industry

Intense is a solution willingly used in construction. Companies in this industry have been using this system for 14 years. Its implementation streamlines important processes in this industry, such as:

• offering and managing contacts,
• construction project management,
• reporting activities and performing analyzes,
• creating cost estimates and cooperation with other systems,
• servicing the car fleet and the available equipment and material,
• keeping work cards,
• documentation management,
• scheduling,
• service of bituminous mass plants and laboratories,
• handling contracts with contractors and customers,
• operation in a multi-company system,
• integration with ERP systems.

The flexibility of the system allows you to configure it perfectly to the requirements of your company. It will help to optimize work, standardize the data contained in reports and plans, and speed up some processes.

Services and maintenance

Advanced application modules allow you to optimize activities in the service and maintenance industry. By using this solution in this industry, you will surely appreciate:

defining a workflow

flexible system of service requests

cooperation with websites

handling of shipments and courier services

multilingual interface

debt collection service


Manufacturing industry

The Intense application, thanks to its functions, will work in many companies that deal with production. In this type of activity, you will use the system functions related to:

• costing and budgeting,
• project controlling,
• offering and CRM,
• risk management,
• warranty handling.

Trading companies

If you sell products – stationary and online, we also have modules dedicated to your company. You will be interested in modules related to logistics and service support as well as the integration of multiple modules and systems.
You will be particularly interested in the following features:

• complaints service,
• data integration / ESB integration bus,
• budgeting of sales, margins, etc.,
• management of expansion processes,
• calculating the margin.


Are you selling, renting, or servicing cars? Intense is also a tool supporting:
• handling lease contracts and invoices,
• cost management automation,
• integration with sales systems,
• integration and consolidation of analytical data,
• policy management,
• reporting for importers.

The industries we focused on are, of course, only examples of businesses in which the use of such a system. The Intensa program will find application in any company operating on a design basis and not only.

For more information on how the ESB integration works and how to create effective reports, visit our blog. We encourage you to read our other texts.


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