Data presentation – how to do it correctly and effectively?

Managing a company is not an easy task that should be addressed at the beginning of business development or when implementing changes related to the team, company goals, or even when implementing new services and products. You can make it easier for yourself and the departments in your company to organize work by introducing personalized solutions. See where to start.


In the article, we answer the following questions:

What needs does your company have?

If you want to start an effective electronic business management using personalized tools, you need to ask yourself a few questions to determine your business needs. To choose the right methods of action, you need to adapt your goals and course of action, for example:


company size


available funds


 work remotely or stationary


 tools used so far


 departments in the team


team and customer needs

You can efficiently identify the needs of the company by asking yourself and the heads of departments the following questions:
  • How does the document flow in your company look like?
  • Has a document circulation path been developed?
  • Has there been a need to automate business processes?
  • What tools do you use?
  • How does the data integration in the company look like?
  • How do you create reports, analyzes, plans?
  • Is collecting data for reports problematic?
  • Does your team need mobile access to tools?
The answers to these questions will help you determine the needs of action or the direction of business development. In addition, the selection of tools facilitating effective business management will be much easier.
effectively manage


Why use personalized solutions?

Contrary to appearances, the needs of each business are slightly different. Tools that allow you to modify and personalize modules, forms and documents allow you to focus on the development of your business. Then the tools help us achieve our goals.

We can plan and automate the activities of the entire team. Personalization – especially well used, saves time and resources in the long run.

It is very important when choosing a project management tool to pay attention to whether the selected program allows:

  • to improve data circulation,
  • integrate data and files from various sources,
  • create advanced analyzes, reports and plans,
  • remotely using the application,
  • monitor the budget and projects,
  • for advanced project control based on various methodologies.

A professional company dealing with the implementation of the project management system will take care of the appropriate training for employees, during which, among others: 

    • familiarize users with the program,
    • will show you how to start working with the program,
    • performs the appropriate integral and technical operation,
    • will present the functions of the system and examples of activities,
    • make a pre-implementation analysis.

They use products Intense International may, according to its own preferences, plan or modify:











work and document workflow




approval of documents



Remember that changes are normal in business, so it is worth paying attention to the solution that you adapt to your requirements. The Intense app is a program that you can configure yourself or consult with specialists. The web or application view is very intuitive and clear. The friendly interface of the system facilitates the work and allows for the efficient introduction of modifications, the use of new functionalities, and granting access to new users.

Why use personalized solutions


Manage business processes with Intense

An effective business management system has modules that can be selected and adapted according to the needs of users.

The use of the INTENSE WorkFlow module ensures efficient service not only of budgeting, approval, verification, corrections and budget revisions, but also the possibility of recording and assigning any documents, giving the possibility of online verification and approval of costs related to the available funds in the budget, or its individual elements, e.g. at the level of potential revenue or cost orders.

The Intense platform enables:

  • automation of the process of building structures,
  • creating advanced statements and reports,
  • defining sheet structures, mechanisms,
  • offline and online data changes,
  • planning the workflow and documents in the company,
  • electronic document management,
  • signing documents with an electronic signature,
  • using the application from a phone, tablet, computer,
  • implementation of advanced business management and controlling methods,
  • integration of data from various sources,
  • data presentation,
  • work automation,
  • data exchange,
  • setting reminders and notifications
  • personalization of solutions.

The Intense platform has many possibilities, it combines the functionalities of various programs, which is why it is a comprehensive solution that will work in many industries. Many companies from various sectors have chosen this solution.