In which industry is the ESB suitable?

Have you noticed that your company needs changes and you want to introduce a multifunctional system for document management and integration, but you are wondering which solution to choose? Check-in which industries the Intense App will work in and when it is worth implementing a new tool.

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Problem with data integration – when can they appear and how to solve them?

Often, businesses use many tools to create reports and collect information, and teams use data saved in various formats and having a different source. Problems with data integration may appear primarily in the following industries:

• financial,
• production,
• construction,
• transport,
• IT.

These are just examples of companies where such problems can occur. Difficulties with the cooperation of tools and integration make it difficult or even impossible for the efficient operation of processes, as well as the flow of information. This harms the operation of individual departments in the company, as well as results – also financial.

An effective solution is the implementation of the ESB integration bus. It is a multi-functional and flexible tool. Its operation can be adapted to the needs of a specific industry. Information integration is quite a challenge that you can meet using properly configured Intense ESB tools.

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ESB integration bus – what is it?

The main task of the ESB bus is to ensure the optimal operation of the tools and the ability to monitor multiple platforms. It also allows for effective data analysis, which is extremely important in the case of companies operating in the B2B or B2C model. It allows you to monitor the operation of multiple platforms and collect data from various sources.

Using the ESB bus allows you to optimize working time because we operate on one application and we do not have to download information from many sources. You can also automate many activities, e.g. creating reports. The implementation of this solution in business enables:

• easy access to many program elements,
• unification of information,
• minimizing the risk of errors and failures,
• cost optimization,
• facilitates operational processes.


How to adapt the operation of the ESB bus to a given industry?

When choosing a system integration tool, choose one that is flexible. Then you can use its possibilities to achieve goals and challenges in your company. Intense ESB allows you to adapt to many industries, integrate various data, and it is also intuitive to use. Before using the Intense App, you can customize the application to meet your and your team’s needs. The tool is very intuitive, so you can define the processes yourself. You can also support yourself with the actions of implementers because companies that decide to work in the Intense App can go to school.

The system has a very intuitive and perspicuous interface. Thanks to this, you can configure the system yourself in a few minutes and implement improvements by the needs of the entire team. To be fully satisfied with the implementation of the information collection and circulation system, it is worth considering the most important issues that will speed up and facilitate the process of configuring the document receipt form. If your activities are planned, you will be able to enjoy the effects faster.

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Which industries are our clients using the Intense App in?

The Intense app is used by entrepreneurs from various industries. This solution is very popular in construction. This industry uses data from a variety of software and creates a lot of analysis. It is important in construction that reports are accurate and at the same time very legible.

When deciding to work with the help of a new tool, it is worth finding out if it is used in your industry. You can then get to know the opinions of users and find out what features will be most important to you.

Intense App has also been implemented in the following industries:

  • commercial,
  • development,
  • medical,
  • transport,
  • advisory and consulting
  • energy,
  • automotive
  • advertising
  • agricultural
  • research and development

These are just examples of businesses that have decided to implement our solution. If you have questions about specific ESB functions or configuration of settings, please do not hesitate to contact us!