Implementation of the Intense platform in a company providing air conditioning and cooling networks

About industry

We have implemented the INTENSE solution in a company from London that deals with the sale and repair of various types of cooling networks and climate systems and the distribution of parts for the repair of refrigerators and freezers. They also provide service for these devices.

The maintenance services provided by the company include air conditioning installation, conditioning maintenance, air conditioning repair, installation of portable air conditioning systems, repair of cooling systems, and installation and service of ceiling, wall, and floor air conditioning systems.

The company deals with the private sector, i.e. it provides devices for contracts, and creates solutions for commercial facilities.

accounting company


The company that contacted us regarding the implementation of the system needed to implement changes related to the digitization of the business. The customer base was constantly developing because there was a need to implement a system that would allow for document circulation and the introduction of rules for the organization of receipt, filling, and transfer of documents. Another challenge was effective order taking and management.

Before we started cooperation, the company worked based on text files that needed to be organized. The customer noticed that the occurrence of an error during the execution of orders is frequent. Our task was to minimize the risk of error by setting up and developing appropriate processes. Another problem was the time of completing tasks. It was extended, which influenced the efficiency of work.


The company needed to implement an IT system whose tasks are:


transfer of documents to the system


creating an effective workflow of documents and tasks


automation of selected processes


optimization of employee working time


creating processes


organization of documents


improved efficiency

The Intense platform made it possible to meet the client’s expectations. Its implementation allowed us to build a strategy and create appropriate processes that improved operations. Our team implemented the Intense system and its modules, designed selected processes, and conducted training sessions aimed at familiarizing employees with the operation of the platform.

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circulation of documents

The software made it possible to streamline activities in the company, automate processes, organize tasks, and shorten the time of their execution. Work has therefore become more organized and effective.

The INTENSE Platform is currently used in the busieness to register and store documents and attachments. That ensures easy and quick access to data. In the program, we can set appropriate accesses so that selected users have access to selected documents. That allows you to maintain safety and coordinate work between departments and positions.

The implementation of appropriate tools allowed for the efficient creation of various types of documents, in particular:








commissioning protocols

Employees can efficiently generate printouts of documents and allow for the quick shipment of ready documents to contractors. The specialists entered the current database of contractors, products and employees into the system. It is possible to upgrade the system to keep it running efficiently.

The INTENSE Platform meets the client’s requirements and improves the work of the entire team. The implementation of processes and tools allowed for effective operation, optimization of work, and keeping documentation in an orderly manner.