How to program an Intense application quickly and effectively without the participation of developers?

Are you looking for a solution for your company that will enable remote collection, approval, and analysis of documents and will be easy to use? You can implement and configure the Intense platform yourself, without the help of programmers. See how to quickly program this application!

In the article, we answer the following questions:


Why should you use the Intense app?


The Intense Platform is a comprehensive solution that allows you to plan business processes, collect data, and create numerous analyses and reports. Enabling the implementation of advanced business management methods, the application also facilitates the acquisition and combination of various data with each other. It is great for collecting, transmitting, approving, or gathering information and documents remotely.

The creation and configuration of a complete knowledge base and efficient document circulation will also allow you to optimize your budget. Effective data collection quickly brings results. You will see improvements almost immediately after implementing the system.
The Intense system allows you to view and modify documents from anywhere. It improves the work of the entire team, including during remote work. For example, its functionality allows project managers to accept requests from anywhere, anytime.
The Intense platform provides users with a high level of security. It maintains the highest standards so that you can be sure your data is available only to the properly indicated people, and processing is carried out following the applicable rules.

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What to remember when implementing the Intense system?

The system has a very intuitive and clear interface. Thanks to this, you can configure the system yourself in a few minutes and implement improvements according to the needs of the entire team.
To be fully satisfied with the implementation of the information collection and circulation system, it is worth considering the most important issues that will accelerate and assist the process of configuring the document receipt form. If your activities are planned, you will be able to enjoy the effects faster.

When configuring the form, pay attention to the following elements:

• what fields of the form do we care about?
• will we add documents as attachments?
• do we want to use the mobile version of the system?
• how do you want to share access within the team?
• what should the company document flow look like?
• what processes in the company do you want to automate?

The answers to these questions will allow you to use the platform most effectively. If you need the support of specialists, you can always use the help of our support.

Intense program

Features of an effective database collection system

To start working on the application, you will log in with the set login and password. You go to the configuration of the definition of the “knowledge base” document. You add a “document definition” that will suit the needs of your projects, you do the same with creating the document form. You can create separate variants for the mobile view.

You can define the document acceptance form according to your needs. Most often, users decide to define fields such as:
– issue date of the document
– receipt date of the document
– name of the document
– description
– attachment

Working with the system is extremely intuitive because you can use the “drag & drop” method.

The administrative component of the Intense system includes the configuration of several parameters, functions, or extensions used in design processes. Standard records in the program include many dictionary lists, such as customer files. This solution allows you to define any number of your dictionaries, which can then be used on specific forms.

The platform provides definitions, registrations, and archives of every type of document, e.g., orders, orders, invoices, cost documents, project documentation, holidays, business trips, applications, HR documents to name a few.

What problems will the Intense Platform solve?

Are you wondering if the Intense Platform implementation is what you are looking for? Below you will find a list of activities that this system supports:

company process management

document flow in the company

data collection and analysis

remote approval of documents

changing of history records

document archiving

improving the work of many departments

optimization of working time when searching, sorting

The Intense Platform’s purpose is to support the business processes in your company. If you are interested in this solution, please contact us and we will select the perfect solution for your projects.







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