How to successfully carry out digitization SB platform?

Are you looking for a way to improve your work? Do you want work in your company to be effective? We have the perfect solution for you that you can implement yourself. It’s so simple. See how to install the INTENSE Platform application yourself.

In the article, we answer the following questions:


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When is it worth implementing the INTENSE Platform app?


This program will allow you to:

  • accept and modify documents remotely,
  • Improve your workflow,
  • improve the work of accounting and other departments,
  • automate many processes,
  • set alerts and reminders,
  • also, work on the view of mobile tailored to your needs.


When is it worth implementing the INTENSE Platform app?


It is worth mentioning that the INTENSE application can be
implemented without the help of programmers. It is a very intuitive and
easy-to-use tool that you can adapt to the needs of your business. The basic
configuration will take you little time and will allow you to optimize the work
of the entire team. This solution affects the effectiveness of activities and
allows you to optimize the budget.

The program to improve the workflow will prove useful in many industries. It is worth considering its implementation in small, medium, and large enterprises. This solution is often chosen by companies working on projects, e.g. in the construction and production industries. It is perfect for companies with internal accounting. It allows you to keep order in the flow of documents such as contracts, invoices, permits, applications.

You can use the Intense application in and out of the office. This solution is:




easy to configure

user friendly

a budget optimizer



How to install the INTENSE Platform app without the help of programmers?

 The application interface is very user friendly. The INTENSE
system is characterized by flexibility. The document approval form can be adapted
to the needs of the company, and also, the accesses can be separated
according to the indications.

We have prepared an animation for you, in which you will find
information on how to independently implement the INTENSE Platform app and how
to use it in business.

We encourage you to watch.