How to effectively manage a team with Intense App support? 

Effective team management helps to achieve goals in the enterprise and affects business results. In a situation where many companies work remotely, it is worth learning about the methods and programs facilitating the coordination of the work of departments. See how to do it with IntenseApp support and what elements are worth paying attention to.

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How to manage tasks in company departments?

Organization and planning of work is an effective solution that is sometimes difficult. Typically, managers are involved in, among other things, assigning tasks to employees. It is worth taking care of proper management at this stage. To prevent remote work from obstructing your workflow, you can use application features such as IntenseApp to design the flow of sentences and documents. The application support will make management much easier and will allow you to do it efficiently.

In addition, when planning activities, you can set up alerts that will remind you that the task is approaching the deadline. You can include attachments in the application, which allows you to upload documents, and additionally allows you to add comments when needed so that all changes are visible and can be viewed when needed.

Effective management of tasks in the team will allow you to create a workflow and determine in which department there is the greatest delay if any employee has too many or too few sentences assigned, and where the most errors occur.

The introduction of such activities will improve work. Effective management helps to coordinate work and allows for the best results.


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Is it worth using team management software?

Programs that support team and project management can greatly facilitate the manager’s work. Many systems allow for personalization, selection of appropriate modules and functions that will facilitate task separation, workflow, and task execution control, and time monitoring.
Such solutions have been especially appreciated when many companies have switched to remote, by using team management tools, communication between departments can be improved. You provide a space that facilitates collaboration and information flow.

This type of system is also available in a mobile version, so you can monitor the situation in real-time. Managers can control the workflow between employees, the task list, and have access to absence approval.

Using management programs such as IntenseApp gives you the ability to stay up-to-date and analyze activities. Work automation has a positive impact on working time and additionally allows you to focus on other tasks.

The application is also used to collect information, for example on the number of hours spent on a given sentence, which allows you to draw a conclusion and improve specific elements.

The ESB should be a flexible solution. Note that effective solutions allow you to integrate a system of various classes, for example, ERP systems, B2B systems, sales, warehouse and production systems, and many other tools, for example, e-mail clients. A well-chosen ESB bus enables effective integration with almost any system without the need to know its structure. 

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How to choose the right management software?

When choosing a project and team management program, you must take into account its functionalities, modules, and parameters. The system must allow integration with other programs used in the company and data. Then, the workflow as well as the creation of analyzes and reports are facilitated.

Depending on your needs, pay attention to whether the system is available in a desktop and mobile version to have access to the necessary data at any time.
Another important point is the ability to manage access. Some files, tasks, or a module may only be accessed by persons designated by managers, for example, only managers can approve holidays or check employee working time.

It is worth gathering information among employees about their needs and difficulties. Some projects require specific solutions. For some, it will be important to set notifications or priorities. Pay attention to whether these options are available in the application you choose.




Work automation and electronic workflow

Automation of work saves time and facilitates the work of the entire team. Above all, it is worth automating repetitive activities, which enables the effective use of the company’s resources.

Work automation combined with electronic document circulation allows you to adjust to the changing environment and provides safe and flexible access to the archive of sentences and documents. An additional advantage is an acceleration of handling specific cases.

When choosing a program for document and workflow as well as automation, it is worth paying attention to the possibility of its integration with other systems that you use in the enterprise.