How to control document clutter in you company?

In enterprises such as customer service offices, forwarding offices, law offices, or wholesalers, the number of accepted and issued documents of various types is very sizeable. Improper storage, especially in paper form, can generate many problems. See how to avoid them and bring order to your company’s documentation! In this article you can read:


Problems with organizing documentation

Maintaining order in company documentation is often quite a challenge, especially in a company that issues and receives considerable communications. Storing company accounting, inventory, employee, or commercial documentation only in paper form is disorganized and not entirely safe. It is each company’s responsibility to keep the original version of the company documentation for the period prescribed by law. However, they can be stored legally in electronic form. Digitizing this activity helps create organized archives, introduce uniform markings, search for necessary information quickly, and improve document circulation.


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Enterprise Service Bus is worth implementing in an enterprise when:



you share information with third parties


VAT and PIT documentation
contracts concluded with employees

cost and sales invoices

ZUS documentation


documentation related to fiscal devices

records of fixed assets and equipment


copies of cash documents



Of course, the type of documents that should be kept and archived depends on the enterprise description. If you want to introduce order into document archival but do not plan to hire an external company, choose an IT system that will improve storage and allow you to introduce order in the documentation.

Correct archiving and quick access to documents

If you choose to store company documents in electronic form, you must select the appropriate system for archiving and integrating information. First of all, take care of the security of your stored data. Thanks to the Intense system document circulation module, data is stored, sorted, archived, and transferred, compliant with all safety rules.

When choosing an IT system for data storage, transfers, and acceptance, take into account:

  • security
  • document integration with external systems
  • intuitive document search
  • the ability to define document types
  • fast access to information
  • remote verification and documents approval possibilities
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Process automation and sending alerts

Have you noticed which activities related to information flow are the most time-consuming or problematic for your team? Digitizing the storage of essential data will optimize this.

First, many processes are available to be automated. Documents can be stored, archived, or transferred to other employees or contractors properly, thanks to the insertion of appropriate formulas. Secondly – the segregation and cataloging of written materials are facilitated by introducing appropriate filters, markings, or folders. Then, new contracts, invoices, and more will be stored appropriately and intuitively.

Is document acceptance a problem? If you notice problems in the company that can delay team activities, you can eliminate them and set up appropriate reminders. The Intense Alert system allows you to set alerts and notifications by e-mail, SMS, or within the application. After defining, reminders are sent automatically to the people responsible for a specific process.

Alerts may concern:

  • date of payment of invoices
  • the upcoming expiry date of the contract with the employee or contractor
  • deadline for sending specific documents to the office
  • deadlines for introducing corrections
  • individually set acceptance or data transmission deadlines
  • time of sending notifications, contracts, regulations to employees
  • creating reports or summaries

Systems such as Intense Business Intelligence and Intense Workflow are characterized by flexibility. They enable the system to adjust functions to the needs of the enterprise (how?). A well-defined structure allows you to introduce and maintain order in company documentation, supporting the optimization of work of many departments in the company


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