Intense PM

Intense Project Management System
Every business wants to achieve better work organization and quickly access all the materials they need. With Intense Project Management, your company will get the materials and help it needs to automate manual processes, streamline your workflow, and conduct your work and projects more efficiently.

The system configuration makes it adaptable to the constantly changing market, regardless of your industry or company operations. This flexible, innovative PM system can be used in definable workflow processes, controlling assignment, archiving, or registration of documents, and also serve to advance dedicated and extended functionalities.

Centralized Project Management Intense PM supports you throughout every process stage, from project acquisition to finalized settlement. The platform comes equipped with all your most important functions, including dashboards where you automatically can assign tasks, import or calculate budget estimates, and define the schedule of your project. The wide range of applications will empower you when managing resources, handling tasks, and communicating with your team. The platform enables you to focus on the essential parts of your project while keeping you informed with automatic personalized alerts to put your mind at ease.

Gain Control over Costs, Time and Project Scope
While remaining focused on the optimization of your operations, it is equally important to monitor and analyze all the costs involved. With Intense PM, you’ll be able to keep track of all your costs, maintain all your supported budgets, and project the use of all resources without needing the input of accounting. The registration of project documents such as invoices, business trips, salaries, or orders both internal and external works alongside RCP worksheet/timesheet register to assign and calculate costs to each specific budget. Whatever your industry or project, the Intense platform will be able to correspond to your budgeting needs, allowing you to analyze and report all your documents and developments.

Individualize Current Needs
Intense PM is characterized by its ability to adapt to your needs as a user, no matter your position or software expertise. This is achieved through its thoughtful design containing personalized graphics, intuitive capabilities and straightforward functions, The organized structure of the system is highlighted by a definable workflow, flexible controlling methods, and distinctive modification capacities. Integration tools help you connect with finance/accounting systems, as well as other systems to utilize their data in a robust manner.

Innovative Business Design
Created to be suited for a multitude of industries, Intense PM covers the individualized needs of small businesses to the most complex structures within larger corporations. Companies engaged in activities concerning planning, scheduling, logistics, marketing and more will be able to organize projects within the system according to their own processes. Managers are given their own personalized control panel providing them a one-stop shop for all their most essential activities. Employees are given a display of their roles and activities that is efficient and provides them the information and tools they need to complete their work.

Innovative Functions:
– Process the flow of your work and documents
– Scheduling and cost estimation
– Budgeting both on and offline
– Reduce and register work time of company resources
– Multi-dimensional analyzing and reporting
– B2B portal for collaboration with subcontractors
– Remote access to all documents
– Management of a modern data warehouse
– Integration and communication with additional systems
– Early warning and notification system
– Ongoing monitoring of project budgets
– Advanced controlling of projects based on utilized methods such as EVA (Earned Value Analysis).

Genuine Benefits to your Business:
Full control over the entire project lifecycle
Improvement of project planning, implementation and settlement
Flexible adaptation to the specific nature of projects
Optimization of budgets and costs
Reduction in the amount of delays during project implementation
Full control of resource availability and optimization of those resources
Access to all project documentation remotely
Improved collaboration for employees and subcontractors by making use of improved workflow and B2B portal

Industry Applications:
Real Estate Development
Printing Production
Machinery and work time management
Equipment and Transport Management
Marketing Campaigns
Manufacturing Companies
New Store and Branch openings