Intense Document Management System

Improve and organize document flow in your company!

Organizing how your company distributes information has become an even more significant aspect in the modern business world. Intense Document Management will help you create a structured database for your company files and establish a digital workflow for all their moving parts.


This flexible system will adapt to your needs and be able to integrate data from multiple sources. Thus, you will receive a solution that is functional, innovative and applicable to the way you conduct your business.

Automation of Processes

Intense DMS eases the burden on many typical company processes. Document registration, scanning, cost/budget calculating, and archiving are all capable of being defined and achieved through automatic input. Companies seeking  comprehensive software will be able to service their operational workflow. This will quickly automate specified tasks and improve assignment of employee duties through extensive methods. Tailored reminders, notifications and additional communications are just examples of how these operations will be distributed.

The Intense system is emphasized by innovative features which can be easily integrated with additional applications throughout your organization. These features include the ability to define calculative logic, convert images into content via OCR engine, verify implemented data, outline automatic alerts and scan barcodes. Due to these and other creative functions, the benefits resulting from the electronic servicing of business processes will be dramatically increased.


Flexible Configuration

Intense Document Management contributes to the free expansion and modification of processes, forms, and objects. High configurability permits all document types to be freely defined, along with significant improvements to business process acceptance paths.

The distinctive architecture lets users reflect procedures implemented in every business management model. This function and more allow the system to quickly adapt to a constantly changing environment, unlike market standard software.

Automate and secure documentation flow in your company!

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Secure Your Information

Intense DMS determines your user permissions for various documents, features, fields, form fields and additional definable objects. Multi-level management work is completed easily, as the flexible system is equipped to function efficiently with many levels of restrictions, access mechanisms, and backup options. This provides you with a coherent plan for working in even the most complex company structures.

Protecting your most confidential information, Intense DMS will safeguard one of the most important and sensitive assets of the enterprise.


Access Data Immediately

The system is set up for quick and easy access to data and documents. All information can be filtered, searched, and found in the database of registered documents. Define your own advanced search parameters and mechanisms, with possibility for data export. The transparent, user friendly interface supports the personalization of lists for documents and tasks, all of which can be easily defined. Users save time and benefit from simplicity during use, thus increasing productivity, minimizing mistakes, while lessening the burden on dynamic operations.

Benefits for Managers


  • Optimize and arrange your business processes accordingly
  • Support for decision-making and cost controlling
  • Easily assign and monitor tasks while taking assessment of work effectiveness
  • Access data from a managerial or administrative level with options for approvals
  • System of automated alerts and customized notifications

Example Processes

  • Maintaining correspondence records with option for printouts
  • Workflow of invoices with controlling descriptions and OCR mechanisms and barcode
  • Process of registration and accounting of business trips
  • Registration and management of contracts along with deadline alerts
  • Registration processes of contacts with customers along with attributes
  • Modeled processes of sales and after-sales service of customers
  • Support of complaint and service processes
  • Defined processes of recovery
  • Processing management of production orders
  • Registration and management of tenders
  • Evaluation and registration of employees, suppliers, subcontractors and their qualifications

Innovative Functionalities

  • Define specific business processes and objects
  • Automatically scan and register multiple documents simultaneously
  • Extensive system for registration and access to documents and database
  • Integration with other systems for better structure and communication
  • Widely definable automatic alerts and notification system