We inform to another version of the INTENSE Platform has appeared released. Version 2021.2 is now available for new and existing customers. Check what features have been improved and what has changed in the application interface.

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Intense Platform 2021.2 – new possibilities

We regularly create new functionalities that we add to the INTENSE application. When working on new versions or modules, we take into account many factors, and most of all: suggestions and needs of our clients, trends, and news on the market, improvement of the system, user convenience when using the program. The introduced changes are aimed at optimizing work and increasing customer satisfaction.


What new possibilities does INTENSE Platform 2021.2 give? Discover new functionalities.

Comments section


Of course, the adding comments function was already available in the INTENSE Platform, but we have improved it. Users enjoy adding comments because it facilitates communication within the team, allows for simple interpretation of report results or a detailed description of documents, an efficient workflow, and quick elimination of any inconvenience in the workflow.

In the new version of the application, there is also an option to add attachments to comments. Until now, comments were only in text form. The latest version of the system allows you to add attachments to comments, i.e. images and sound files.

Another change is the ability to use categories for comments. You can name and color categories to clearly and efficiently catalog and view comments.

intens 2021.2 new possibilities


Creating reports in the web-mobile module

We wrote in previous articles about the reporting option in our application. Creating effective reports allows you to optimize your activities. The reporting function in the platform modules is at a very high level. It also pays a lot of attention to the presentation of data and reports, so their results are also available in the described graphic form.

Now we have introduced the report viewer from the level of the web and mobile application. Now you can use PivotTable reports (SQL and OLAP) with these versions. You can create and save your layouts and use various forms of data presentation in charts to present your data.

What is SQL?

SQL is a structured query language used to create and modify databases and to place and retrieve data from databases.


What is OLAP?

OLAP is a data structure that allows for quick data analysis. It stores data more like multidimensional spreadsheets than a traditional relational database.

OLAP cubes can be considered as an extension of a two-dimensional spreadsheet table. For example, a company may want to analyze financial data based on product, time, city, type of income and cost, and by comparing actual data with a budget.




Gantt chart available in web budgets


The Gantt chart is a graphical representation of the work schedule in the project. It is used in project management in companies. The construction of a Gantt diagram is a cascade list of tasks, operations, activities, or processes along with their duration.

An INTENSE Platform is a tool that allows you to manage project work in a team and has functionalities that enable effective operation. The possibility of creating a Gantt chart in the web version of the application from the schedule level makes it possible to facilitate this. This new feature will be developed in future versions of the application.


Translation of dictionaries and subjects


Intense International is an international company, therefore this point of development of the INTENSE application is particularly important to us. The web-mobile interface of our system can work freely in many languages. The new version of the INTENSE Platform provides even more tools for this because we have introduced the possibility of translating the content of selected data into dictionaries and subjects. Depending on the language selected by the operator when logging into the application, the data in the lists and fields will be displayed by the translation entered in the configuration. If you are thinking about the company’s development and expansion to other countries in Europe and the world – the INTENSE Platform will certainly provide solid support in the implementation of these activities.


Archiving documents in a web application

The Intense Platform 2021.2 version has an improved panel in the web application. The archive has been equipped with the function of displaying directories with files.

It will be useful, for example, when:

• presentation of project documentation,

• presentation of technical findings,

• instructions,

• presenting marketing materials.

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